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Highlights of this Issue:

  • Alberta Municipal Affairs
  • Southern Zone
  • Quality Improvement Review Acute Care to Continuing Care Living Options (CCLO) Transition

Issue:  #15,   4/14/2014
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Membership New/Emerging Issues Submission Form

ASCHA’s advocacy efforts need to be flexible and fast moving in order to address new and/or emerging member issues in a timely manner. Members have requested a process to formally raise issues that have not been identified priorities by the membership but that could have an impact on the industry in the future. This process will allow members to formally raise new and/or emerging issues and their recommendations to ASCHA.

To submit your New/Emerging issues use ASCHA’s new form click here

Compensation and Benefits Report - 2013
Compensation and Benefits Report - 2013

The Compensation and Benefits for Alberta’s Housing Industry Report – 2013 Edition (seniors and non-seniors) is available for purchase.  We now have a comprehensive summary of wage and benefits trends in our industry thanks to Alberta Municipal Affairs (AMA) Housing Division, who provided the grant funding to assist with the project, and the various housing operators who completed the survey questionnaire.  It is our hope that the report will assist both members and non-members in human resource planning for their organizations. Please contact to request your copy.

Compensation and Benefits order form

Housing Common Terminology


In an effort to increase understanding of the industry, the Alberta Senior Citizens’ Housing Association (ASCHA) has developed a Common Terminology document that outlines the mainstream housing types within the seniors’ housing industry.  ASCHA’s goal has always been to ensure effective communication between the residents and their families, our members, the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, the public and all other stakeholders involved in seniors’ Housing in Alberta.  We are confident that by implementing the use of Common Terminology, we will arrive at a greater understanding regarding the different elements of the Continuing Care System and we will all be able to speak clearly to the public and each other with one voice.



is the philosophy of honouring the individual’s needs, desires and choices to maintain and enjoy a wholesome, vibrant lifestyle in a congregate living setting.


Free webinars on housing management bodies and seniors’ housing


March 4 - Overview of Alberta Housing Act and Housing Management Bodies

This is your access the recording of the March 4, 2014 – Overview of the Alberta Housing Act and Housing Management Bodies with Mike Leathwood ADM, Municipal Affairs, Housing Division discussing the provincial perspective and Bill Martens, Alberta Urban and Municipal Affairs (AUMA) discussing the municipal perspective. The objectives of this webinar was to provide insight into the critical function of housing management bodies, how housing is provided to Albertans, board roles and responsibilities and the obligations of the board and municipalities under the Alberta Housing Act and Regulations. An update on the lodge review was also provided.


ASCHA/Red Deer College Upcoming Courses

April 29 - June 3, 2014
ASHA 121 - Leadership Skills

May 15 - 30, 2014
ASCHA 127 – Program Development

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