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Meet Charlie and Hazel!

  • A New Public Awareness Campaign on Facebook!

As we launch our 2016 Convention & Tradeshow, we wanted to introduce you to two very important "individuals" who are going to take us on an exciting journey together!  They are the heroes of their own story, and we are sure you will want to tune-in to their adventures.

Public awareness of the realities experienced by seniors searching for, living in, and transitioning through seniors housing is significantly lacking.  Navigating the systems can be confusing, frustrating and even scary because of terminology, negative media images and social constructs around aging and seniors communities.

Charlie and Hazel are here to share their experiences with us.  Join our Facebook Page where you can learn more about these characters and participate in their weekly antics and stories.  Each week, ASCHA will be sharing a bit of their story, and as Charlie and Hazel encounter various options and decisions to make, you can weigh-in on how they should proceed by liking, sharing or commenting on each post.

Together, we can all learn a bit more about seniors housing experiences and develop well-informed opinions of the various options available, so we can plan our own journeys or those of our loved ones.

A Series of 4 Webinars for ASCHA Members

  • We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Remedys Rx Specialty Pharmacy to provide a series of 4 Webinars for our members.

    For more details and to register


2016 ASCHA Convention and Tradeshow

2016 ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow - Power to the Residents!

Seniors are the heroes of their own life stories, and the later chapters of their book must be something they have a hand in writing!

ASCHA is on a mission towards empowering seniors to have choice and a life of purpose, wherein they are honoured, valued and respected.

Celebrate the power of residents, and form new alliances with those championing ASCHA’s Noble Cause!

Head to the ASCHA Event Page for all the Information!




Compensation and Benefits Report for Alberta's Housing Industry - 2015

  • 2015 Edition Now Available

ASCHA is excited to announce that the 2015 Edition of the Compensation and Benefits Report for Alberta's Housing Industry (seniors and non-seniors) is now available.  ASCHA extends its appreciation to all housing operators who completed the survey and contributed the much needed data to produce this report.  Funding for the report was made possible through Alberta Seniors.

Visit the ASCHA Publications page of this website to find out how to obtain a copy of this report.


Board Strategic Planning Results

  • A New Direction and Noble Cause

ASCHA's Direction shows our design thinking as we work towards our Noble Cause!  Through our core values, you can explore our thinking and see what we are committed to achieving.  Our Noble Cause is designed with our vision, mission, principles and three focused strategic priorities.  These are working documents to let you know what our association is working towards.

We welcome all discussions and possibilities that will help us in pursuit of seniors being empowered to have choice and a life of purpose, wherein they are honoured, valued and respected.

Please visit our Strategic Plan section for more information.


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Highlights of Issue 18 :
May 02, 2016

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