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ASCHA Weekly Rollout
Highlights of this Issue:

  • ASCHA Board Strategic Planning
  • Continuing Care Quality Committee (CCQ)Official
  • Administrator of Alberta Health Services Named

Issue:  #35,   8/31/2015

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Success on Home Care RFP Restoration Decision!
ASCHA received notification on Friday July 19 that Alberta Health Services (AHS) had restored some of the Home Care Contracts to the previous integrated service providers that had lost them.  The news was excellent, and although a few of our operators are still in discussion with AHS, this was a success we are very proud of.  It was the right thing to happen for our operators as well as the seniors they serve and their families.  ASCHA would like to extend our appreciation to Alberta Health and Wellness and AHS for responding positively to our call for reconsideration of the Home Care Contract RFP.  This decision allows integrated Designated Supportive Living operators to keep the Home Care portion of their contracts in an integrated model and provide supports in a congregate setting similar to the Calgary model and is commendable.  ASCHA and its members know this is the right decision for a strong person-centered housing and support system in Alberta.   Read letter to Minister Horne 


Overview of Alberta Housing Act and Housing Management Bodies

This is your access the recording of the March 4, 2014 – Overview of the Alberta Housing Act and Housing Management Bodies with Mike Leathwood ADM, Municipal Affairs, Housing Division discussing the provincial perspective and Bill Martens, Alberta Urban and Municipal Affairs (AUMA) discussing the municipal perspective. The objectives of this webinar was to provide insight into the critical function of housing management bodies, how housing is provided to Albertans, board roles and responsibilities and the obligations of the board and municipalities under the Alberta Housing Act and Regulations. An update on the lodge review was also provided. April 16 -AUMA Webinar 2

Overview of the Seniors Housing Industry

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