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ASCHA Weekly Rollout
Highlights of this Issue:

  • ASCHA Board Strategic Planning
  • Continuing Care Quality Committee (CCQ)Official
  • Administrator of Alberta Health Services Named

Issue:  #35,   8/31/2015

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The Alberta Senior Citizen’ Housing Association (ASCHA) is a dynamic, experienced and warm association representing approximately 60% of the seniors living sector in Alberta.  Our Membership serves 30,000 + seniors across the province.  Regular Members are independent and supportive living operators in Alberta from the voluntary not-for-profit, public not-for-profit and private sectors.  ASCHA represents the full spectrum of seniors housing options, including over 2500 designated assisted living (DAL) units, with an integrated perspective.  Corporate and Stakeholder Associate Members are also a vital part of our association.





The voice and champion for seniors housing.

Support our members in creating and maintaining vibrant seniors housing for Albertans.



Respect               Accountability               Engagement               Collaboration               Integrity

ASCHA’s Principled Positions
ASCHA's Principled Advocacy Positions, are the overarching philosophies ASCHA brings to every advocacy discussion and action.  The principled positions are not political statements, but rather general statements ASCHA can make to reflect the collective culture of its members regardless of the issue or topic at hand.   As these principled positions were formed within the context of a one-voice approach from our membership, we hope you will take some time to familiarize yourself with these principles as they can easily assist you in your own local advocacy efforts and communications.  This will allow us to keep our messages consistent and ensure everyone is on the same page.

ASCHA’s 2015 Advocacy Priority
Advocacy and government relations are at the heart of everything ASCHA does on behalf of its members, which is why ASCHA has identified one focused priority for 2015 that addresses your major issues. ASCHA’s targeted advocacy efforts, on your behalf, saves operators and housing providers time and resources that are better spent on serving residents/tenants. We’ve heard loud and clear from our members that we need to have input and direct the creation of a Provincial Housing Strategy, and that the strategy must add to financial and operational sustainability for our members. In addition, with all the changes in our provincial government over the past year, it is imperative that the Seniors Ministry include the continuing care portfolio so that it can address and respond to the entire spectrum of seniors housing, rather than continuing to serve the industry in silos.

The Alberta Senior Citizens’ Homes Association (ASCHA) officially came into existence in 1965; the Association grew from a small organization that was supported by a few foundations (i.e., management bodies) to an effective organization that enjoyed the support of all foundations in the province. The Association was recognized as the “voice” of the senior citizens’ foundations in Alberta with an excellent relationship with the provincial government. ASCHA was successful in accomplishing many of its aims.

In 1994. all housing acts administered by the Province of Alberta were repealed and replaced by the Alberta Housing Act. Senior citizens foundations were restructured, consolidated and changed to form management bodies under ministerial order. During this year, ASCHA secured their first full time office and hired an Executive Director. This provided a solid resource for members to draw on and continuity that was needed to build a successful Association. Recognizing the need to address a growing industry, the Association went through a comprehensive organizational review. Based on the recommendations within the review membership committees were formed to review the bylaws and membership services.

The recommendations and the results of the organizational review and the related working groups were implemented in 1995/1996. ASCHA changed their mandate to include all non-for profit operators (private or public), as regular voting members of the Association. They also added a category of associate membership, which included all those who have objectives relating to the provision of seniors housing. This category included for-profit operators, product/service providers and individuals. To reflect this change the name of our Association was changed from the Alberta Senior Citizens’ Homes Association to the Alberta Senior Citizens’ Housing Association. The change to “housing” was intended to remove the primary focus on lodges that had governed the Association for nearly thirty years. This created tremendous growth for ASCHA!

From 2002 to 2005, ASCHA conducted a three phase organizational review at the request of the membership. This review included substantial consultation with members and a comprehensive Bylaw review. At our 2005 AGM, new objectives and Bylaw revisions were adopted making ASCHA a forerunner amongst Seniors Housing Associations in Canada.

 ASCHA now proudly welcomes ALL operator types/ownership categories as full voting members of our Association. By combining the best of our similarities and differences our future is focused on providing the best seniors housing for all Albertans.

Currently the Board is comprised of a President, 3 Vice Presidents, Past President (1 year) and 8 Zone Representatives (Calgary (2), Central, Edmonton (2), Northern, Peace River and Southern).
The President and 3 Vice Presidents form a strong Executive to support the work of the board.
2010 Bylaw Amendments established the following:
· Vice Presidents must represent ASCHA’s 3 sectors – public, private and voluntary.
· Board directors shall be individuals with Significant Policy Influence within the Regular Member organization.

ASCHA is a recognized member driven not-for-profit Society representing public not-for-profit, private not-for-profit (voluntary) and private-for-profit providers of housing for seniors.

ASCHA Bylaws

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