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ASCHA Weekly Rollout
Highlights of this Issue:

  • Designated Supportive Living (DSL) Working Group
  • Norquest College Resident Companion Focus Group
  • In the legislature – relevant highlights from the week of Apr. 14

Issue:  #16,   4/22/2014
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ASCHA's Direction



ASCHA direction

 Person Centred Housing

Person-centred housing is the overarching philosophy that is embedded in each strategic priority.  This concept strengthens our recommendations to government and community leaders as it highlights the person-centered approach of our members.


ASCHA’s Direction identifies the following three strategic priorities that will support our strategic planning and focus our efforts on behalf of our members:

  • Sustainable Revenue,
  • Communication and Public Awareness,
  • Collaborative Government and Industry Approach

The Strategic Priorities Implementation Plan identifies the short term goals from ASCHA’s Direction along with recommended actions and/or the proposed approach towards achieving the desired outcomes.

The Advocacy Strategy is a tool for the ASCHA Board of Directors and Executive Directors, Members and Administration to implement the ASCHA Direction adopted by the Alberta Senior Citizens’ Housing Association (ASCHA) Board of Directors.  The Advocacy Strategy focuses on the priorities established by the Board derived from member consultation and alignment with the ASCHA Vision, Core Values and Mission.  This Advocacy Strategy outlines a flexible and responsive approach and will be updated regularly to reflect dynamic industry and policy changes.

The ASCHA Governance and Engagement Structure depicts the structure, process and direction of reporting that is followed for each committee or working group.

The Communication Framework will be used to guide the communications of ASCHA



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