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ASCHA Weekly Rollout
Highlights of this Issue:

  • ASCHA Board Strategic Planning
  • Continuing Care Quality Committee (CCQ)Official
  • Administrator of Alberta Health Services Named

Issue:  #35,   8/31/2015

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Tips on Choosing a Home that's Right for You

It is important to determine what type of housing might be suitable for you based on your physical health and financial circumstances.

If you have limited income and assets, you may qualify for government subsidized housing. If you are functionally independent, you may consider the government Seniors Self-contained Program that is designed to accommodate low and moderate income seniors who prefer to live independently. The rental rate is usually based on 30% of the tenant's income.

If you need additional services, such as meals and housekeeping, you may consider the lodge facilities and other private housing projects that offer a variety of services.

If you need assistance with some activities of daily living, you may consider the supportive housing and assisted living options that are designed to meet special personal service and housing needs. Many of these facilities provide an array of services that include assistance with activities of daily living, medication assistance, housekeeping and meals.

If you require long term care facilities, such as nursing homes and auxiliary hospitals, you must contact your Alberta Health Services. The admission to long term care facilities must be approved by the Single Point of Entry process.

Other things to consider in selecting the accommodation:

  • Find out what the monthly payment includes. Aside from the monthly charge, are there any additional costs involved?
  • Decide what activities you need help with and find out what the fees are for the services.
  • Find out if you need additional assistance later on, and the services are not offered by the facility, can arrangements be made with other agencies to provide the services?
  • Check the facility for safety features and cleanliness.
  • Is there a Standards Award Certificate for the facility?
  • If possible, inquire about a trial visit or an overnight stay in the project.
  • Talk to the residents about their perceptions of the place.
  • Check the location of the project and nearby amenities such as clinics, grocery stores.
  • Ask for samples of menu, activity calendars and newsletter.

Plan ahead, contact the housing operators to place your name on the waiting list where you would like to live.

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