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ASCHA Weekly Rollout
Highlights of this Issue:

  • ASCHA Board Strategic Planning
  • Continuing Care Quality Committee (CCQ)Official
  • Administrator of Alberta Health Services Named

Issue:  #35,   8/31/2015

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One of ASCHA’s core business areas is to provide education and professional development opportunities to enhance the skills of individuals in the seniors’ living sector.  In August 2006, the ASCHA Education Needs Assessment Committee met for the first time.  This committee completed its work in February 2009 and made a number of recommendations to the ASCHA Board of Directors.  Upon review, the board approved all recommendations of the committee. 

Following is the Executive Summary from the final recommendations report of the Education Needs Assessment Committee.

Executive Summary
ASCHA Members are in need of education opportunities and resources to assist them in ensuring that their employees are operating with an appropriate level of skill and expertise.  Skilled employees will help ASCHA Members to continue to pursue operational excellence and provide Alberta’s seniors with the highest quality of life possible.

Through the extensive work of the Committee since its start in 2006, seven solid recommendations are being made to the ASCHA Board of Directors for consideration.  They are as follows and are further detailed within this report:

  1. Develop a process for ongoing assessment of members educational needs
  2. Collaborate with related groups to minimize duplication and maximize coordination to become an integrated hub (clearing housing) of information/resources.
  3. Encourage Alberta Health & Wellness to share access to the Health Service Desktop with members.
  4. Create a “Seniors Housing” Orientation Package (which includes four parts for four different audiences).
  5. Create and continually update a communication plan. 
  6. Advocate for cross ministry educational resource sharing. 
  7. Develop a promotional campaign of the seniors living industry within Alberta.

Recommendations A through F are all based on the gaps that were identified through Member surveying and market research.  Recommendation G came as a result of further discussions and research into the reasons for lack of understanding and misinformation that was discovered in the marketplace.  This recommendation is one that will likely garner support from other stakeholders, government and initiatives.

Other than the development of an Orientation Package, the educational role for ASCHA should be mainly to connect its Members with the resources and training opportunities that already exist in the marketplace and work with providers to deliver these opportunities to the Members in a meaningful, relevant, and efficient manner.  The recommendations will require some development but are mainly direction to communicate more efficiently and frequently with relevant stakeholders and educators in order to assist Members; become a hub of information.  Ongoing evaluation and assessment will ensure that ASCHA continues to satisfy the education needs of the Membership while tracking when new, customized development may be required.  This will ensure that the association resources are spent wisely and not re-inventing what already exists.


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