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ASCHA Weekly Rollout
Highlights of this Issue:

  • Alberta Municipal Affairs
  • Southern Zone
  • Quality Improvement Review Acute Care to Continuing Care Living Options (CCLO) Transition

Issue:  #15,   4/14/2014
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ASCHA 2013-2014 Annual Report

ASCHA's Member-centric Services

The Advocacy Approach Strategy is a tool for the Board, Executive and Administration to implement the ASCHA Direction adopted by the Alberta Senior Citizens’ Housing Association (ASCHA) Board of Directors.  The Advocacy Approach Strategy focuses on the priorities established by the Board derived from member consultation and alignment with the ASCHA Vision, Core Values and Mission.  This Advocacy Approach Strategy outlines a flexible and responsive  approach and will be updated regularly to adjust to membership and government changes.

ASCHA members service approximately 30,000 seniors in the public, voluntary and private senior options.  The full spectrum of independent and supportive living options are the fastest growing and developing sectors for seniors housing in Alberta.  The seniors sector is rapidly changing and being an ASCHA member will assist you in keeping on top of the issues and opportunities, by connecting you to a strong membership and market segment and government.

The seniors housing industry is projected to be the single largest growing industry of the future!

  • ASCHA represents 65% of the industry
  • Over 45,000 units in Alberta
  • Manage/own over $6 billion in assets
  • Over 10,000 employees in the industry
  • Collective operating budgets exceed $600 million
  • New development and growth estimated at 1500+ units a year

Regular Member Services

ASCHA’s Direction identifies three strategic priorities: Communication and Public Awareness, Collaborative Government and Industry Approach, and Sustainable Revenue to support our planning and focus our efforts on behalf of our members.

See how ASCHA Members have evaluated ASCHA and the Member Services through the 2013 ASCHA MEMBERSHIP SURVEY REPORT - Executive Summary


Key Talking Points for you to use with residents and families to improve industry understanding.

Member involvement and influencing the future is another key opportunity.  Through our internal committees, and member participation on both external and internal committees, we make recommendations that impact your operations. 


ASCHA Focal Points, a summarized overview of the seniors housing industry and ASCHA’s highlights and inroads in the industry. Facebook and TwitterPublic Relations/liaison with stakeholders, leaders, media and you.

Member benefits include:

  • The ASCHA/ACCA Convention and Tradeshow is the first-ever joint event between the Alberta Senior Citizens’ Housing Association (ASCHA) and the Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA). This will be the largest seniors housing and continuing care event in Western Canada. This joint event will combine the resources and strengths of members from both organizations in a spirit of collaboration, and will offer educational opportunities for all delegates representing a variety of housing streams and care support service models to enhance resident experiences. 

  • The ASCHA Weekly Rollout which will give you a broad overview of relevant, key information for your use. 

  • The ASCHA Website features a Member Only Area with resources, membership strategic priorities, boardminutes, up to date progress from all committees, a Member Directory and Industry Acronyms constantly updated as a resource for you.

  • Engagement and Sharing through our Member Emerging Issues Form – a tool for you to share emerging issues happening locally at your site for us to action. Member Incident Reporting Form – a tool for you to use to avert incidents in member locations.

Education through plenary and breakout sessionsat Annual Conventions, Housing Directory  – an enhanced version is currently under development; key information continues to be available for the public.

Value Added Services through 8760/ASCHA Seniors Housing Energy Program  – your source of energy savings (members currently signed on are saving $7 million a year to date).

Sharing in Member Events – ASCHA would welcome participation in your events – let us know and we will be there. We provide certificates for openings and major anniversaries.





Associate Member Services

The Alberta Senior Citizen’s Housing Association (ASCHA) had an active and productive year in 2013 - all due to our collective efforts. Through valuable support, products and services, Associate members allowed us to enhance the lives of over 30,000 seniors, served by our members.

Being a Associate Member with ASCHA is important; as seniors housing is one of the fastest growing industries in Canada, and one of the top Provincial and Federal priorities for 2014; this means;
Member Benefits
We are continually growing our presence and reach through communications initiatives and online resources.
  • Listing in the Online Member Directory to ensure regular members contact you first for products and services
  • Access to the Online Member Directory providing contact and portfolio information on regular members (who collectively serve over 30,000 Albertans)
  • Access to the Members Only Area with updated information on member issues and government relations
  • Associate members receive first priority discounted rates for tradeshow participation - a savings of $500.00
  • The ASCHA Advertising Package explains what marketing options are available to you.
  • ASCHA’s offers two free ads in the ASCHA Weekly Rollout.
  • First priority in selection of sponsorship options that have a lasting impression at the Convention and Tradeshow, as well as throughout the year
  • Reduced advertising rates of 40 -50% off

In 2014, we held our Convention and Tradeshow in partnership with the Alberta Continuing Care Association (ACCA). This event took place on March 26-28 at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, and was one of the largest event of its kind in Western Canada. This collaborative venture meant that Exhibitors were able to form relationships with even more members, from both organizations, and increased their profile in the industry. Visit the ASCHA Event Page for more information, updates, and options to increase your profile.

In 2013, ASCHA partnered with 8760: Energy to introduce a Seniors Housing Energy Program, which has been overwhelmingly successful. Collectively $10 million has been saved annually.

ASCHA is extending this great opportunity to our valued associate members. Contact Ken Klassen at 780-289-7198 or at for more information.



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