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ASCHA Weekly Rollout
Highlights of this Issue:

  • ASCHA Board Strategic Planning
  • Continuing Care Quality Committee (CCQ)Official
  • Administrator of Alberta Health Services Named

Issue:  #35,   8/31/2015

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Regular Members

Regular Members include public not-for-profit, voluntary not-for-profit, and private for-profit seniors living operators.  Our association is very unique in this regard.  We are the only seniors living association in North America that represents all sectors!  While fulfilling the needs of each sector can sometimes be challenging, ASCHA firmly believes that our strength comes from our common services to Alberta’s seniors.  We all are in this industry because we choose to serve Alberta’s seniors.  As ASCHA’s first value states;

“We support systems focused on maintaining the quality of life of seniors, the enhancement of their well-being and the delivery of diverse services focused on choice”. 

By being inclusive of the three sectors, we are supporting all operators that provide the whole spectrum of living options with an integrated perspective.  Alberta is also the only province in Canada that provides capital grants for affordable housing to all sectors.  The government has repeatedly told us they prefer to work with one inclusive group.

Associate Members

Associate Members include organizations or individuals that have objectives which relate to the provision of seniors housing and are not eligible to be a Regular Member. There are three categories of Associate Members within ASCHA: Corporate Associate, Stakeholder Associate, and Individual Associate.

Corporate Associate Members are organizations, which relate to the provision of the seniors housing industry and are service or product suppliers.

Stakeholder Associate Members are organizations, stakeholders and not-for-profit associations, which have objectives that relate to services in the seniors housing industry.

Individual Associate Members are individuals (mainly ASCHA Certificate Program students) that have objectives that relate to services in the seniors housing industry.

Take this opportunity to become involved with industry decision-making, reach new prospects, stay abreast of issues, as they are happening and position your organization for action.  Please contact ASCHA with any questions, or 780.439.6473.

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2015 Membership Fee Schedule

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