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Federal Advocacy Tools for Members

ASCHA has prepared two documents outlining key priorities of our sector as it relates to Federal policy.  We worked with the Alberta Network of Public Housing Agencies (ANPHA) and the Alberta Public Housing Administrators Association (APHAA) on one piece related specifically to affordable housing needs in Alberta.  The second piece focuses specifically on seniors housing issues and challenges candidates to uphold existing commitments, support more housing for seniors, and fund care in the community. Both advocacy tools have been sent out to all federal candidates running across Alberta, and we encourage our members to share these messages within your own communities to ensure housing needs are addressed pre and post-election.

NOW AVAILABLE – 2019 Compensation & Benefits Report

The 2019 Compensation & Benefits Report is now available for purchase! 
This year’s report included an analysis of some new job titles, statistics by geographical areas, recruitment and retention rates, and so much more. With respondents from all cross-sections of our sector, this report provides a clear snapshot of the compensation and benefits trends for all employee positions across Alberta’s Housing Sector. Don’t miss your opportunity to use this fantastic resource as you plan your operational budgets! The report is available in both hard copy and electronic formats. Thanks to a generous grant from the Government of Alberta, your copy can be purchased at a substantial discount. Click here to order.

SAVE THE DATE - 2020 ASCHA Convention & Tradeshow


April 6 - 8, 2020

Cambridge Hotel & Conference Centre
Red Deer, AB.

Your Questions Answered Video Series

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ASCHA's Advocacy Campaigns - #itstime and #CutTheClutter

Join in the discussion! Create a movement! - #itstime #CutTheClutter

ASCHA has recently launched two online campaigns to raise public awareness about the issues seniors and their families face when navigating seniors housing, wellness and support options.

It's Time - #itstime

  • It's time to change how we support seniors.
  • It's time for seniors to thrive with proper and timely access to wellness supports in their community, in the setting they choose to call home.
  • It's time for us all to say "no more" to the gaps and inefficiencies.  We will all need supports in place sho that we can age with dignity.
  • We all need to accept responsibility for the way things are, regardless of political leanings.  We have all accepted the status quo for too long - it's time.

Find out more about the campaign and how you can join the conversation here.  Members can find the Campaign Toolkit in the Member Area under "Let's Advocate."

Cut The Clutter - #CutTheClutter
This summer, ASCHA surveyed over 1,000 Albertans to better understand the difficulties in navigating the seniors housing system. One of the major issues brought to light by the study was that seniors housing terminology is complicated, difficult to understand and overwhelming within the industry and government. ASCHA heard our members, and stakeholder's feedback on some of the difficulties but we did not know how difficult it was for Albertans looking for seniors housing options.

We want to #CutTheClutter to reduce and simplify the terms we use to describe seniors housing and support options in Alberta.  Find out how you can add your voice and story to the campaign here.

Testing New Seniors Housing Categories - #CutTheClutter

Take this short survey to share your thoughts on new seniors housing terminology.

We heard from over 1,000 Albertans – navigating seniors housing options is frustrating because the terms used are interpreted inconsistently and very confusing. ASCHA is working to #CutTheClutter by offering simpler, easier-to-understand categories that describe the different types seniors housing options available. Please take our short survey and let us know what you think: https://www.cvent.com/d/ryqqlg